Texture Tuesday: Free and Easy

Today’s Texture Tuesday’s quest is to use at least one of Kim Klassen’s textures on any photo…. free and easy!

It should have been free and easy for me, but I just upgraded from PSE 9 to PSE 11, and had 5 days of issues following the installation. I can now edit photos and move back and forth between the Organizer and the Editor, which is a big step from where we started on Friday!  But importing a texture still causes the program to crash.  We’ve been in the forums, asking questions, doing live chats with PhotoShop advisors, watching videos; and on the phone with our son, a photographer who uses PhotoShop, Lightroom and other programs,  who’s been helping us brainstorm too.

I’m thrilled I made it through the process WITH the texture on this photo!
I’m hoping I can remember how I did it!  I certainly cannot use “Place” under File any longer to place a texture.
That causes an instantaneous crash!

I love to purchase fresh flowers in the winter…and photograph them.  It makes me happy to have them in the house, and
it reminds me that spring will come again~ someday!

Fresh tulips bring spring into the house!

Fresh tulips bring spring into the house! Info: Nikon D300, lens: 18-250, ISO250, f/4.5, 1/125

Info: Nikon D300, lens: Sigma 18-135, ISO250, f/4.5, 1/125
Processing: PSE 11, Kim Klassen Mary texture, Multiply ~39% opacity
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