Ten Truths

Ten Truths about Me….

Not exactly my most fun thing to do!
But here we go~

Lake Michigan on a lovely sunny day in March.

Lake Michigan at Holland, on a lovely sunny day in March.

1. I love to be by, in or on the water.
2. My heart is with my family.
3. Sunshine makes me smile.
4. I love improving my photography skills.
5. I’m hooked on animals!
6. I love different kinds of typography.
7.  Travel!
8. I make multimedia journals.
9. Swimming, skiing and snowshoeing are my favorite sports.
10. I can’t stay away from sweets!

Photo info: Nikon D300, Lens: 8-250mm, ISO250, f/13, 1/1250
Post process: PSE 11, Kim Klassen texture Minus43/Multiply @57% opacity.

Thanks for stopping by!   Judy
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