[Photographically Speaking] Day 4 “Vision and Blur”

Our assignment for Day 4 is: “Vision and Blur”.

I can get a fair amount of blur in my photos naturally, as I’m not always in focus! 😉

Today our assignment was to have a photo with a wide open aperture, and a nice blur in the background.  My regular lens doesn’t do that as well as my macro, of course.
The photo I took today was with my regular lens.   I softened the light from the window in the background with a light diffusing curtain.

The locket belonged to my grandmother who was born in the late 1800’s.   I thought the quote was perfect for a locket.

In PhotoShop Elements I added an overall texture to the photo at 51% opacity.   I also used a brush to add a bit of extra color around the edges and cut the shine of the chippy paint on the table top.

 Info: Nikon D300, lens: Nikon 18-135, ISO:500, 1/60, f/5.6

My grandmother's locket.ca. 1915

My grandmother’s locket.
ca. 1915




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