Black and White with a Touch of Color

Hello dear readers…

Today, something new.   We are to take an image, and apply a Black & White “Action”, or a Black to White gradient map layer,
and then bring back some of the original image’s color.

Since I have to review the lesson on downloading tips for “Actions”, several more times…..(it sounded rather confusing at first!) I decided to

use a Black  to White gradient map layer instead.   At least I do know how to do that!

In PSE 11,  I created a new adjustment layer, and made that my Black to White gradient map.  Then, I used the paint brush tool (in black) to gently go over

the brass key in the photo, bringing back the color, until the key had the appearance I wanted.

Next came the quote about Courage.  I made a brush stamp for the quote, so I can reuse it instead of typing text each time.
I went on to make brush stamps for a few other quotes I have, also.  That was certainly fun to do!

My father-in-law.

My father-in-law.

About the image:  My father-in-law served with the US Army in WWll.  This is his own Serviceman’s Manual.
Nikon D300, lens: Nikkor 105mm macro, ISO 1000, f/3.2, 1/160.  Post process: PSE 11.

Thanks for stopping by!  I appreciate your comments and likes!


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6 thoughts on “Black and White with a Touch of Color

  1. Gail Rivard says:

    Like the way you put the color back into the key…

  2. JimR says:

    Nice composition Judy. I love the “aged” feel and the “colour popped” key.

  3. Inspired and pretty says:

    I really like your descriptions of the processings you apply to your photos because it gives me new ideas and I also learn new things, like with this photo. I never would have thought to bring back some colours in a black and white photo, I don’t know why ? Lack of imagination I suppose ! I love how it looks, it’s such a great idea !
    I have absolutely no idea how to make brush stamps, I would love to know ! I never took classes, only tutorials here and there, but I am tempted to try Kim’s classes !

    • jayjay3 says:

      Hi Jocelyne….Thank you! It was one of the easier lessons! (bringing color back) And, also, making brush stamps was easy too! I want to make more of them. From now on, the quotes I especially like will be on brush stamps. Thanks for your sweet comments!

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