Day Ten ~ A Painterly Effect

“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty.” ~John Ruskin


Today’s assignment in Kim’s class is to use gradient maps, filters, adjustment layers, textures, and other
techniques, to create a painted effect from a photo.

It was an interesting lesson, but I still haven’t committed the process to memory!  I need my notebook beside me!

The countryside around Florence, Italy.

The countryside around Florence, Italy.

The tower of an old church in Assisi, Italy stands guard over lush fields.

The tower of an old church in Assisi, Italy, stands guard over lush fields.

A view of Assisi from Rocco Maggiore.

A view of Assisi from Rocco Maggiore.

 Kim Klassen’s textures used: Finale, Sienna and Vintage Gradient on the middle photo.

I need a lot of practice, but these are my first versions of the Painterly Effect.
I used PhotoShop Elements to process the photos.

Thank you for visiting!  


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13 thoughts on “Day Ten ~ A Painterly Effect

  1. v4vikey says:

    good architecture……………

  2. JimR says:

    Nice images Judy. I do like the “vintage” look.

  3. Inspired and pretty says:

    I LOVE IT ! It’s so beautiful ! These photos are very beautiful and perfect for a painterly effect. Textures are wonderful on landscape photos and you did a very nice job with these ones !
    You said you used a vintage gradient, does it comes from Kim Klassen’s store ? Is she selling gradients ?
    Have a nice day Judy !

    • Inspired and pretty says:

      I went to her shop and saw that she has overlays in some of her textures collections. I saw some vintage overlays, I suppose this is what you used on the middle photo ?

      • jayjay3 says:

        Okay….I’m not sure what an overlay is! Could be. I just know it was called Vintage Gradient, and I downloaded it from the class I’m taking. I may have used PSE’s “Overlay” mode to blend it more.

      • jayjay3 says:

        Jocelyne…have you seen Sarah Gardners’s online magazine? Wow. I love it! The images are so beautiful. And neat ideas too… Gorgeous!

      • Inspired and pretty says:

        Yes, I’ve seen it and it’s a wonderful magazine ! There’s lots of inspiration there. I discovered many photographers too. I’d love to have a paper version also. I really love this magazine, and like you said, the photos are gorgeous !

      • jayjay3 says:

        Yes, wonderful photographers are in her magazine. I feel the same…I’d love a paper version I could get my hands on! Super inspiring!

    • jayjay3 says:

      Actually, Jocelyne, she gave us the vintage gradient for free. I haven’t bought any textures yet. I went to Sarah’s site and loved the textures there! I may buy some yet. Every week I keep getting one or two free new ones from Kim! All you have to do is sign up to get the free textures! Try them! 😉

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