Assignment: Day 6~Time Capsule

Earlier this week, I told you I’d be taking photos of parts of my daily life for my Time Capsule.
As I said then: we often concentrate on capturing special moments like birthdays, trips, celebrations, etc.
Those are fine, but it’s fun to catch the every-day routines in your lives, once in awhile too, especially if you
have children, parents, grandparents, siblings or pets living with you.

It’s interesting to take a look at your Time Capsules a few years from now and see what changes occurred.
Perhaps you changed your hairstyle,  your children have grown up,  you’ve added a new pet, or you
moved to a new home.

“When you look back everything is different, but while you’re living your everyday life, it seems
as if nothing is changing.”  Unknown

Here, then, is a tiny capsule of my everyday life.


everyday events

My story:Top row, photo #1:
I make multimedia journals
Photo #2: always someplace to go in the car!
Photo #3: working on the computer

Bottom row: photo #1: my husband and his daily wine
Photo #2: I love to read my Kindle
Photo #3: currently painting two large hutches inside and out… 

Thanks for viewing my Time Capsule! (story board template is from Kim Klassen)

Maybe you’ll make your own!


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2 thoughts on “Assignment: Day 6~Time Capsule

  1. Inspired and pretty says:

    I love these kind of photos. What I love about them is that they tell a story. I might start taking these time capsules, it’s a good idea 🙂

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